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You know, it's a funny thing. Every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with them? I suppose it is because most of them are psychiatrists.

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May 18th, 2015

Bobby Jindal seems to be in it:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will announce Monday that he is taking a major step toward seeking the Republican presidential nomination by establishing a committee to formally explore a White House bid, CNN has learned.

Lindsey Graham will announce on June 1st:

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), who in recent months has moved closer to running for president, said Monday that he will announce if he will make a White House bid on June 1 from South Carolina.

"I will make an announcement on June 1st. You're all invited to come -- spend money when you do -- and I will tell you what I’m going to do about running for president," Graham said on CBS "This Morning.

Marco Rubio makes an appeal to nihilistic conservatives:


Chris Christie, as we all know, likes things big. Even the military needs to be bigger, according to him:

Making the case for a more active U.S. presence overseas, New JerseyGov. Chris Christie will call for a larger military and a boost in defense spending while defending the government's intelligence-collection efforts, in a speech Monday setting forth his foreign policy approach.

Christie, who served as a U.S. attorney before he was elected governor, will also seek to distance himself from the crowded Republican field by offering an unapologetic defense of the U.S.'s intelligence-collection efforts.

Christie, as a result, is fed up with “civil liberties extremists:”

Hours after delivering a hawkish foreign policy speech, in which he lambasted critics of post-Sept. 11 domestic surveillance tactics, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) ramped up his rhetoric further against those whom he derided as “civil liberties extremists.”

“All these people are talking about liberty,” he said. “How did that attack steal our liberty? We acted differently. We conducted our lives differently. We were reticent. We were scared.

Perry learns from Jeb's mistake:

“You know, this whole issue of — this question that gets asked, ‘If you — with what you know today, would you have ordered the invasion of Iraq?’” Perry told a breakfast audience here. "I think if you look what’s happened today, and the answer is no. I mean, with that hindsight, no, I would not have done that.”

Bernie Sanders wants to pay for free college by taxing stock trades:

Sanders' bill sets a 50-cent tax on every "$100 of stock trades on stock sales, and lesser amounts on transactions involving bonds, derivatives, and other financial instruments," the group Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street said Monday in a press release. 

​​(this won't work because trading can just relocate to another city like London, but nice idea!)

Hillary has secured a very important endorsement.

Rick Harrison of ‘Pawn Stars’ hosting Marco Rubio fundraiser.

​May 19th, 2015

Herman Cain Fans Received a Mass Email About the Apocalypse:

A mailing that went out to 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain’s email list Tuesday said that President Obama is secretly leading the United States toward the apocalypse.

The email was a sponsored message from Nathan Shepard, who identifies himself on his website as a “Bible scholar” who “decided that he must become a survival expert, train and prepare for the worst disaster in human history.”

Shepard says that the United States is actually Babylon in the Book of Revelation, and “the end times” the prophets foretold will come for America in January 2017. He says America will be destroyed by Vladimir Putin’s Russia in World War III.

Bobby Jindal's first ad is released.

Jindal issues a definitely not discriminatory executive order on same-sex marriage.

Scott Walker has a brilliant way to spin his flip-flop on immigration:  it's only a flip-flop if you've voted on it, and as a Governor he never had to vote on immigration!

Warren wants Clinton to be clearer on the TPP, which is probably not going to happen. The TPP is too abstract of a thing for many people to care about.

Speaking of the left, Bernie is hinting at supporting legalized marijuana.

"President Obama doesn’t understand America. Maybe that’s because he was raised in a radical family, much of the time overseas, and educated by people who saw only the worst in this country." ~ Rick Santorum, speaking about what he has in common with the President.

Ted Cruz has some tough questions for the left (and, yes, this includes the media!):

"Is there something about the left — and I am going to put the media in this category — that is obsessed with sex?” Cruz asked after fielding multiple questions on gay rights. “ISIS is executing homosexuals — you want to talk about gay rights? This week was a very bad week for gay rights because the expansion of ISIS, the expansion of radical, theocratic, Islamic zealots that crucify Christians, that behead children and that murder homosexuals — that ought to be concerning you far more than asking six questions all on the same topic.” 

Christie thinks Jersey loves him too much to let him go as president. This is not true (his favorability is at -17%).

May 20th, 2015

Iowa Dems Can’t Name An Accomplishment By Hillary Clinton As Sec. Of State

CNN will be having two GOP debates -- the second one will be for the crazies:

The CNN Republican primary debate on Sept. 16 will be divided into two parts featuring two different sets of candidates: those who rank in the top 10 according to public polling, and the remaining candidates who meet a minimum threshold of 1 percent in public polling, the On Media blog has learned.

"The first 10 candidates — ranked from highest to lowest in polling order from an average of all qualifying polls released between July 16 and September 10 who satisfy the criteria requirements ... will be invited to participate in 'Segment B' of the September 16, 2015 Republican Presidential Primary Debate," the network states in its candidate criteria. "Candidates who satisfy the criteria and achieve an average of at least 1 percent in three national polls, but are not ranked in the top 10 of polling order will be invited to participate in 'Segment A' of the September 16, 2015 Republican Presidential Primary Debate."

Speaking of crazies, Rick Perry forgot the third measure in Für Elise. This isn't the first time he forgot a third thing.

Jeb Bush on climate change:

As he has before, Bush acknowledged "the climate is changing" but stressed that it's unknown why. "I don't think the science is clear of what percentage is man-made and what percentage is natural. It's convoluted," he said at a house party in Bedford, New Hampshire.

"For the people to say the science is decided on this is really arrogant, to be honest with you," he continued. "It's this intellectual arrogance that now you can't have a conversation about it, even. The climate is changing. We need to adapt to that reality."

Jeb Bush on communism:

I'm not a big fan of communism. I'm a no on communism.

Mike Huckabee will not be attending the Iowastraw poll:

Conservative and hard-working Iowans want a strong and principled conservative Republican nominee for president who represents their values. I have concluded this year’s Iowa straw poll will serve only to weaken conservative candidates and further empower the Washington ruling class and their hand-picked candidates.

History will repeat itself if we don’t learn from the past. It’s clear that pitting conservative candidates with limited resources against each other in a non-binding and expensive summer straw poll battle, while allowing billionaire-backed establishment candidates to sit out, will only wound and weaken the conservative candidates who best represent conservative and hard-working Iowans.

May 21st, 2015

Fox News just wants everyone to be themselves: insane:

We’re going to see gimmicks, stunts and every attention-grabbing device the campaigns can think of, all timed to maximize poll standings near the end of July. 

All of this public campaigning promises to provide cheap, watchable programming for the same cable news networks that are setting up the incentives. A public feud between two candidates (even a phony one deliberately planned to draw attention) should attract higher ratings than coverage of the less-visible courting of party insiders that candidates might otherwise be engaged in. And some contenders who have a pile of money but little public impact may run national ads on, say, Fox News, totry to get into the top 10. 

High-level ex-staffer: 'I’d rather go to Iraq than work for' Republican presidential contender Carly Fiorina again:

Twelve of about 30 people who worked on Fiorina’s failed 2010 California Senate campaign, most speaking out for the first time, told Reuters they would not work for her again. Fiorina, once one of America's most powerful businesswomen, is now campaigning for the Republican nomination in 2016.

The reason: For more than four years, Fiorina — who has an estimated net worth of up to $120 million — didn’t pay them, a review of Federal Election Commission records shows.


May 22nd, 2015

Hillary's emails on Benghazi are officially released.